Users can have access to your project data via the web Map View or the mobile FieldApp.
There are 5 USER TYPES that determine ACCESS LEVELS:

  1. MAP ONLY VIEWER (can only view the FieldApp Map with the GeoSpatial Records marked on it)
  2. VIEWER  (can view Map & GeoSpatial Record Details)
  3. USER  (can also create & edit GeoSpatial Records using FieldApp and Web Record Editor)
  4. MANAGER  (can invite new Users, change access levels, create Maps and FieldApps, upload Tilesets …)
  5. OWNER  (all of the above PLUS manages account payments)

User types are PROJECT DEPENDENT. You could have Viewer access for one Project and Manager access to another Project.


You need to have at least USER access to be able to ADD & EDIT RECORDS. Else you can just view maps or record details without the ability to change or add anything.

Contact your PROJECT MANAGER to change your USER ACCESS.

The above user and access logic applies to both Web Application ( as well as the mobile FieldApp.