The MapGage App allows you to create, edit and follow-up on GeoSpatial records that can be linked to satellite maps, high-resolution drone maps or blueprints. It can be used to manage construction sites, infrastructure projects, roads, parks, plantations and agricultural businesses or make insurance claims

This App allows to view all the FIELDAPPS you have created or been given access to. Each FieldApp contains a customized database and map layers (tilesets) associated with that FieldApp.
Generally every Work Site will need its own FieldApp since the clients and people who access it would normally not be the same.
You can have multiple FieldApps for the same Work Site if you want to track different datasets separately (e.g. Track safety issues, project issues, road damages, crop health issues, etc…)

The FieldApps are designed in the FIELDAPP BUILDER which can be accessed in the web application at
You login credentials for the Web Application and Mobile App are the same.
You need Manager access level to be able to create your own and edit FieldApps.