MapGage geospatial dashboard combining drones, blueprints and inspection reportsMapGage allows you to create project specific applications on the web and mobile devices to track geospatial records and manage team actions using:

  • Blueprints & Building Plans,
  • Surveyor Maps,
  • Drone Maps or
  • Crop Maps (NDVI)
  • ….and a mobile App (FieldApp)

MapGage on mobile DeviceOur MOBILE FIELDAPP BUILDER allows you to build, distribute and manage self-contained, lightweight GIS apps across standard mobile devices. All without the need for specialized hardware, software or training. Replace all your paper forms with our mobile app and add powerful location tools to collect and leverage geospatial data. Visualize the data in interactive maps, blueprints and tables. Your records are now linked to specific locations on a drone map or a technical drawing and can be used to track:

  • Issues,
  • Inspection Records,
  • Field Observations
  • Work Orders

Use MapGage to increase the practical & operational value of your drone acquired maps and blueprints.

MapGage has been successfully used to manage:

  • Construction Sites
  • Infrastructure Inspections
  • Building Maintenance Projects
  • Agricultural Businesses
  • Golf Clubs
  • Parks & Resorts
  • Municipalities

PDF Report of a GeoSpatial RecordMapGage also allows you communicate with 3rd parties and share PDF REPORTS of activities and GeoSpatial Records. These reports will link the recipients to the original images and maps providing a powerful communication tools to manage your projects.

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