In addition to the above mentioned permissions and data usage details, Android 6.0 and future versions introduce a new permissions model which enables users to directly manage app permissions at runtime instead of install. Depending on the type of permission the app requests, the system may grant the permission automatically, or the system may ask users to grant the permission. Below are all those that our Android apps require, with a clear explanation for each.

GEOLOCATION: This permission is needed to obtain your location when finding nearby stations using GPS only. GPS can be a little bit slower to initially locate you, but is usually more accurate.

BLUETOOTH: This permission is used by some of our apps when push notifications are installed and will include the app accessing Bluetooth.

PHOTO AND MEDIA: This permission is used for the sole purpose of recording multimedia files which you allow us to use for creating records within the apps.

OTHER: In some of our apps permissions are used which will allow the app to run on the start-up of the device, this is when push notifications are installed in the apps. In some cases these permissions will prevent the phone from sleeping, so that push notifications can always be accessed. Push notifications will be sent to inform our users about records that have been assigned to them or about changes in records.