Some features in our Service & Software make use of geolocation-based data. Your location is only used when you have granted permission to do so and can be revoked at any time through your mobile device settings. Please refer to your device manufacturer to learn how to disable these permissions in your device.

If you allow these permissions we may detect your current location. To achieve this, these services may use any of the following: Cell ID, GPS, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Beacons.

We use this information to provide location-based services, not to identify you. Location services are used to:

  • Identify & set the location of records you create in our Service & Software
  • Provide directions to locations that you specify.
  • Provide you with local search results.
  • Provide you content based upon your location.

We may also provide location information to third parties, including advertisers, in order to provide you with contextual, relevant information.

In addition, and as with most location-enabled applications, we and our third-party partners may access your location any time your device is on, whether or not you are using the app itself. Changes to these setting can be made through your mobile device settings.